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Birthstone Jewelry

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  • “Working with Kyla was such a delightful process. I knew that I wanted a ring to commemorate a big career accomplishment but wasn’t completely sure of what I was looking for. Kyla met with me to walk through the process and provided me with ideas for stones and designs that I never would have thought of or been offered by a typical jeweler. It was so clear that she was really listening to what I wanted the ring to represent in addition to envisioning what it could look like. We ended up selecting the most beautiful and unique stones that she was able to source because of her exceptional connections, gained through her extensive experience as a geologist and gemologist. In addition, Kyla educated me about the geology and mining of the stones which, as a fellow scientist, was such an added bonus! My ring is beautifully made and will be a cherished piece of my collection for years to come. Thank you Kyla!”


  • “After tons of research online and in stores, we could not be happier with entrusting Kyla in the task of creating a wedding band that fit perfectly with my family heirloom engagement ring. Kyla is a phenomenal person to work with, as she maintained constant communication throughout the entire process to ensure everything was exactly how I envisioned it.

    After being overjoyed with her professionalism and expertise, I also sought her assistance with finding my fiancé’s wedding band, as well as diamond earrings for the wedding. I have been beyond satisfied with Kyla for all our fine jewelry needs and look forward to working with her again in the future!”

    Nicole and Kevin

  • “Working with Kyla was truly a breeze. From the moment my girlfriend (soon to be fiancé) and I began working with her, we knew she was not your typical jeweler. Before we ever even talked about rings, Kyla was focused on getting to know us personally, working to get a better understanding of our story and how we came to be a couple. She asked all the little questions that really helped make us feel like we were talking to a friend, not someone trying to sell a ring and make a profit. As we started talking about rings and diamonds, it was apparent that Kyla is extremely passionate when it comes to designing pieces of jewelry that are intended to resonate deeply with the individual who will be wearing them. Never once was communication or professionalism a problem. Kyla provided us updates throughout the whole process, worked diligently to remain within our budget while still providing us with the highest quality ring. I will 100% be recommending Kyla to everyone that I can!!”

    Chris & Kendra