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Jewelry Services


Selecting a diamond for your loved ones should be a sweet experience, not a confusing process. After asking you a few questions about your goals, we narrow the search and find the perfect diamond for you. We work with you to design and create a custom engagement ring design, exclusively for your personal style.

We believe everyone deserves the right to a quality diamond, no matter your budget.

After seeing behind the scenes in the jewelry business, It pains us when we see stores or private jewelers sell diamonds to people that are lower quality than the client can afford. We will make certain you have a one of a kind ring that you will love. Don’t worry, we are very picky and would only put something on you that we would also wear ourselves.


We work together with your budget and expectations.

We love introducing people to colored gemstones and natural exotic minerals you didn't even know existed. We have extensive direct connections around the globe to fill your every request. We offer stones straight from the Earth, mined by local artisan miners, and also from private collections. Mineral specimens are of collector quality.

You didn’t think you could afford the rare, most extraordinary gemstones the Earth has to offer, but you can.

We can acquire or create an exclusive, one of a kind piece, tailored around your budget, specifically for you.

Jewelry Repair

Jewelry is special and meaningful, no matter the value. That's why repair work should be trusted with someone who cares about giving you the best quality repair service for your jewelry.

Average wait time is 7-14 business days, depending on the job. Rush jobs are available for a 50% up charge. Please contact us for more details about jewelry repair or complimentary quote. Please note that any final quote will be determined once a professional can see the item in person to determine the exact repair required.

Jewelry Buying

An exclusive experience where we meet with you to assess your jewelry and purchase any items you are wanting to sell. We buy jewelry and give you the best value for your special items.