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Jewelry Foam Pump Cleaner

  • $20.00

Keep your beautiful jewelry clean and sparkly with our foam pump cleaner. Our foam cleaner is safe for regular use.

Make sure to check out the trio package which includes the foam pump, cleaner pen for on the go, and polishing cloth. Bundle and save!

The perfect gift for yourself and someone else on your list.

*For cleaning, please follow the instructions below:

CLEANING: When cleaning your jewelry with our Kyla Donell jewelry cleaner solution, follow the instructions below. Safe for most metals, diamonds and delicate gemstones including pearls, opal, and turquoise. Test a small area prior to doing a full cleaning.

  1. Apply foam to jewelry

  2. Allow to soak for 10-30 seconds

  3. Clean hard to reach places with soft brush

  4. Rinse well

  5. Repeat if necessary

Kyla Donell is not responsible for the maintenance of your worn jewelry.

Jewelry Care Instructions

Fine Jewelry is delicate and should always be cared for. In order to keep it in its best condition, prevent buildup and damage so you can enjoy your jewelry longer, please follow these care instructions.

  • Always take off your jewelry before your daily activities such as showering, applying lotion or perfume, exercising, swimming, sleeping, working with your hands, etc.

  • Leave your jewelry at home in a safe place before engaging in activities such as going to the gym, beach, snow skiing, hiking, or riding ATV’s.

  • Keep your jewelry away from chemicals such as lotion, makeup, perfume, hair spray, and even cleaning products.

  • Do not use household cleaning products while wearing your jewelry.

  • I always say “First thing off and last thing on”.

  • Do not sleep in your jewelry.

  • For necklaces, clasp the necklace when removing it to assure the chain does not tangle or knot and lay them flat.

  • Take extra caution If you have a fine jewelry piece that contains a pearl.